Where did he come from?


The million-dollar question: Where in the world did Jamie McMurray come from to win the Daytona 500?  I don’t know, but he was at the point when it counted, which resulted in some spectacular celebrations.  So many drivers are immune to the feelings of winning a Sprint Cup Series race because they’re simply used to it, but this was definitely a different situation.  One of the most unexpected drivers won the biggest race of the year, and it seemed to truly bring back the real display of passion after a win.  Congrats, Jamie.

In line with the surprises was the also-unexpected massive hole in the Daytona track.  My speculation is that the hole was partially caused by the flood that overtook the speedway last year.  I could definitely be wrong, but the stagnate water that flooded the speedway surely could have weakened the track.  No one really knows, but this 18-inch gaping hole caused a total of 2.5 hours in a red flag setting.  No wonder the race didn’t finish until about 6 hours later. 

What an interesting opening weekend for the season!  It looks like the rule changes have made side-by-side racing better (so far), but we’ll have to see how the cars perform at smaller tracks where restrictor plates aren’t required.  It will be great to get into full-swing for the racing season, so definitely come back soon for more racing updates.

Take care,
Lauren B.

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