RaceConn Privacy Policy

Cookies. Cookies are a small ‘units’ of information stored on a web site user’s computer. Cookies are used in conjunction with the Raceconn database and discussion forums software to:

 - Remember specific user information (name, e-mail address)
 - Show number of new messages posted since a user’s last visit
 - Highlight messages posted since a user’s last visit
 - Recall user preferences.
No information is collected from users’ computers through use of these cookies. If you do not wish to receive cookies from Raceconn, disable cookies in your internet browser.

Cookies are used solely on the Photo and Video Database and Discussion Forums sections of the website, and are not used in conjunction with any informational pages.

IP Address
Information is collected automatically when you visit this website.  The IP address of each user is recorded when the site is opened.  In addition to the users’ IP address being logged upon access to the site, Discussion Forums IP addresses are also logged.  Forum moderation in necessary to prevent any spam or inappropriate postings.  IP addresses allow the Airplane Photo Zone team to detect and take action against any malicious activity.  IP addresses are not shared with outside sites, and are only viewable to this web site’s Administration.

E-Mail Address
All users who submit photos and or videos for acceptance into the Photo Database are required to submit a valid e-mail address.  Valid e-mail addresses will be used by the Raceconn screening team and administration for all contact with the photographer.  If at anytime you wish to change your primary contact email, please contact us at admin@raceconn.com   In addition, a link will be provided with each photo to allow other users to contact the photographer. 
Please be courteous and respond to people that send you emails in regards to your prints.  Raceconn is a respectful racing community, and sending messages that are not respectful will not be tolerated.  If such reports are received by other photographers on Raceconn, you may be removed from the web site.

Third-Party Advertising
We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads on our website.  These companies may place cookies on your computer in the same manner they are used by our database and forums sections.  These are used to record information about your visit to our site and other sites to provide advertisements tailored to your internet habits.  You must currently visit each third-party ad server to opt out of cookies from that company. 
If you have any further questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at admin@Raceconn.com

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