JJ’s Fifth… Good or bad for the sport? I say “Nix the Sixth.”


I’m obviously going to go with bad.  Let me tell you why…

Are any of you fans of the NASCAR page on Facebook?  If you are, take a glance at the comments fans have been making.  Some people said that they’re done with NASCAR; some said that JJ is a 10-race champion and not a season champion.  I’m not going to lie: I even joined in on the conversation and said, “Nix the Sixth.”  I fully believe that should be the next campaign for the sport because they’re losing fans by the minute with such repetitive results.

The only fans I’ve seen who are happy are the Johnson fans.  I guess this is understandable since most fans would be happy if their driver won a championship, but look at everyone else.  JJ’s fans only hold a certain percentage of interest in the sport, and I’m going to bet that it would maybe be close to 10-15%.  That leaves somewhere between 85-90% of fans unhappy with the outcome.  That many unhappy fans will probably be less likely to watch the races on television, purchase merchandise, or go to a race. 

Our disappointment isn’t because we fans aren’t happy that our driver isn’t winning.  To be honest, I’m a fan of Stewart and Kahne, but I’m not whining since their season wasn’t spectacular.  NASCAR doesn’t rule my life (and probably doesn’t for anyone else unless you work in the sport), but I’m surely not going to be motivated to watch a race when I know the outcome will most likely include Jimmie Johnson winning or finishing in the top-3… especially if it’s one of the last 10 races of the season.  The races aren’t boring because of a lack of action, as they’ve certainly improved that this season, but there really aren’t many positive thoughts about the Chase outcome.  In this instance, continuity can equal disaster for the sport.

Even the Chicago Bulls championship streak was interrupted by a 2-year period, which seemed to rejuvenate fans interest in the sport during that time. In 1994, the Houston Rockets were considered to be major underdogs.  Look what they did, though – they proved themselves and won the championship that year and in 1995.  The Bulls took back over for the next 3 years, but you know what that did for the sport?  It created record-breaking season opening television ratings for the 1996 season.  NASCAR needs their own version of the Houston Rockets.

So, what are your thoughts?  Do you agree that the Fifth was bad for the sport or does your opinion differ?  Let me know – I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

‘Til next time, I leave you with my favorite three words for right now: “Nix the Sixth.”

Take care,
Lauren B.

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