JJ’s Fifth… Good or bad for the sport? I say “Nix the Sixth.”

I’m obviously going to go with bad.  Let me tell you why…
Are any of you fans of the NASCAR page on Facebook?  If you are, take a glance at the comments fans have been making.  Some people said that they’re done with NASCAR; some said that JJ is a 10-race champion and not a season [...]

“Chase”-ing the Top

This time of the year brings much uncertainty around the racing industry as everyone gets ready for the upcoming Chase. It seems like every year someone new emerges as one of the front-runners, particularly Denny Hamlin this year. He’s been in the Chase before, but not with as much force as this year. The question, [...]

“This is it; no more 3 for me”

“Incredible” is the only word to describe tonight’s race.
Seeing that #3 tribute on the track and eventually in Victory Lane was absolutely amazing. It represented everything that Earnhardt stood for: a winning tradition, family, friends, and passion. I would venture to say that the emotion was just as high as Junior’s Pepsi 400 win in [...]

Nascar’s news is as fast as the cars

A lot has happened since my last blog: the two golden boys feud, Old Spice drops out of the Stewart-Haas clan, Kasey Kahne signs a deal for 2012 but leaves 2011 open for negotiations, and blood clots interfere with Brian Vickers’ health bill, to name a few.  Wow…  that’s intense. 
There’s been a lot of surprises [...]

NASCAR – A Look Behind the Scenes

I recently did something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I made the trek up to Charlotte, North Carolina and took a tour of some of the NASCAR race shops. The Charlotte area is home to every major Cup team in NASCAR and most of the smaller Nationwide teams as [...]

Atlanta Race: In-Person Review

Atlanta Race Recap: Tire Problems, Intentional Wrecking, and Long Green Flag Runs

New Rule Change… Surprise, Surprise

Nascar isn’t a stranger to rule changes.
One of the latest changes in the Nascar rule book is that the lowest-finishing car that didn’t wreck out of the race will now be inspected by the officials at the conclusion of the race.  This change is supposed to encourage the start-and-park teams to put more effort toward [...]

Excitement at Races: Yaay or Neigh?

Do you have a high interest in actually watching the races when the same drivers win each week?

Where did he come from?

Daytona recap… Where did he come from?

Time for Racing in 2010!

Ready for racing in 2010? Here it comes!

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