Atlanta Race: In-Person Review


Thank goodness there were some impressive wrecks, Goodyear tire problems, and intentional wrecking at the Atlanta Sprint Cup race. The rest of it was just plain boring.

As I sat in the grandstands, I hoped that the race would be comparable to the Labor Day weekend race. Well, needless to say, it wasn’t. The race was the same-old Atlanta with long, drawn-out boring segments where the leader seemed to lap a car every couple of times he came across the finish line. There was even a time where I nodded off and almost fell asleep. I don’t know about everyone else, but the race really didn’t truly get interesting until the end of the race. The intensity seemed to have been kicked up a notch, which always makes things interesting… too bad it wasn’t until 30 laps before the checkered flag dropped.

Throughout the race, at least a dozen teams had issues with their Goodyear tires. What surprises me, though, is that Goodyear seemed to completely deny the claims altogether, basically implying that the drivers who had problems had a bad set-up. Goodyear Racing chief Stu Grant said, “It’s a tire the guys are happy to run on. They’re comfortable and they’re fast if the setup is good. The leaders are running great. If you look at (Kasey Kahne) and (Busch), their tires have looked great all day” ( It’s highly doubtful that 12 of the best teams in the sport ALL had completely bad set-ups. I listened to Tony Stewart on the scanner, and his tires were basically what held up his progression on the track throughout the entire race. Also, Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin, Ryan Newman, Robby Gordon, and 5 others were affected. Of course, it’s important to have a set-up that’s a good combination that incorporates grip and speed and won’t blister the tires, but come on, Goodyear. Maybe something really was wrong with the tires? It just says something when Goodyear specifically tests tires at a track (ahem, Atlanta), yet there are still problems with them there.

Everyone’s been talking about Carl Edwards’ intentional move to wreck Brad Keselowski, so I’ll just cover it briefly. Carl usually seems to be a level-headed guy, so that’s probably why the media is blowing up this altercation between him and Brad. Two things, though: A) You really shouldn’t really wreck anyone because of safety reasons and B) if you’re going to wreck someone, don’t wear white gloves! It was obvious that Carl intentionally wrecked Brad because you could see his gloves moving side-to-side. It’s evident that Carl had a lapse in judgment, but he shouldn’t be suspended a race for it. If you really think about it and put all of the wrecks together that Brad’s caused in the last year or so, it probably wouldn’t even add up to amount to this specific incident. We’ll just have to wait until Tuesday to see what Nascar decides.

I will say, though, that I really like the fact that the races will end under the green flag and not under a caution. Kudos to Nascar for making the call to change that rule. If the really old rule was in place, the race would have finished under the caution flag after Carl and Brad’s incident. I know the fans who paid to attend this race definitely wouldn’t have been happy about that… this one, in particular.

Talk to you soon,
Lauren B.

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8 Responses to “Atlanta Race: In-Person Review”

  1. Vinny says:

    I know how you feel, parts of the race were a little boring. Like you said 12 top teams all having tire problems that’s rare.

    I dont see a way for NASCAR not to suspend Carl for a week, planned wrecking is never a good idea.

  2. Dave says:

    To be honest, if I was a driver and Brad would of taken me out of two races in the last year, I probably would of given him a tap at some point as well. That doesn’t mean that it’s right, Just saying that I would of been upset too.

  3. Tami says:

    Nice article, not slanted in away, refreshing.


    Tires…..HORRIBLE!! You hit the nail on the head.

    Carl vs Brad, I want to know what the diff is now and back at Dega?
    I was amazed at how Kazalowsy, had the nerve to get on tv and say what he did, considering his past debacles.

    Was Carl right? Ya know, if you let it go and then watch this clown week after week
    drive over you and others with no regard for safety of ANYONE, ya tend to get tired of it. I’m pretty sure Carl has talked to this putz a few times as others have and its not getting through.

    Take it old school Carl, wait for princess to get out of his car and then you can show him EXACTLY how you feel. (1979 all over again) Heck I still think there needs to be a ring set up and they can pay per view and donate the proceeds to the winners favorite charity :)

    Just my 2cents

  4. Lauren B. says:

    I really appreciate your feedback!

    I’m not sure if you already saw Carl’s Facebook status, but just in case, here it is:

    “My options: Considering that Brad wrecks me with no regard for anyones safety or hard work, should I: A-Keep letting him wreck me? B-Confront him after the race? C-Wait til bristol and collect other cars? or D-Take care of it now? I want to be clear that I was surprised at his flight and very relieved when he walked aw…ay. Every person has to decide what code they want to live by and hopefully this explains mine.”

    I mean, how can you not agree with that? He didn’t mean for the #12 to flip; he just wanted to spin him out when he was most vulnerable… and running in 5th place. It’s like Jimmy Spencer said last night when talking about Brad – “He’ll learn not to mess with the big boys!”

  5. Cade says:

    I’m sure he meant to just give Brad a little “love-tap” that would send him spinning through the infield and ruin what was going to be a good finish. I mean, when was the last time we saw somebody get tapped like that and end up upside down. No doubt in my mind – Carl did not intend to cause that kind of carnage and truth be known he probably felt bad about it. I don’t think we need to forget that Brad is young and has had some controversies with other drivers as well. I’m happy to see that Carl was not suspended for a race although I think it would have sent the right message to sit him a week. The bottom line is that as long as these drivers are allowed to “govern themselves” there will be a potential for greater controversy. Controversy creates cash in more than just pro wrestling. This was a story that was covered by practically all major news outlets. In a Google search Monday morning, I found articles that were in papers across France and South Africa. Brad may have learned a lesson from all of this but I feel like NASCAR got a lot of attention (whether it be good or bad) from it.

  6. Cade says:

    And, while I’m at it, I’d also like to pitch in that I’m very pleased that Brad was alright through the accident. It certainly looked scary and regardless of whether I’m a fan of a driver or not I always wish nothing but personal safety as they climb in and out of the cars each week.

  7. Lauren B. says:

    It’s crazy how much coverage this wreck actually got from the media! It was on Good Morning America, from what a few of my coworkers said. I guess any attention is good attention in the world of professional sports…

  8. Dave says:

    Love the blog Lauren! Great responses from everyone as well. If interested there’s also a thread on the Carl, Brad incident in the forum section.

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